Our Values 

Our Mission

The Best stratege for success is to put God frist and everything will fall into place.

Our Vision

Philippians 4:13

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Our Values

Our core values is to provide adult students with a second chance at CXC subjects

Our History 

The nucleus of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Cayman Islands commenced in the year 1894 after Gilbert McLaughlin, a Caymanian sea captain was converted and accepted the tenets of Adventism in Bonacca, Honduras and returned at East End, Grand Cayman and donated land for the first church.

At about the same time, two literature evangelists, F.I. Richardson and B.B. Newman from the United States arrived in Grand Cayman to do medical missionary work and remained until 1897, where they conducted evangelistic meetings in George Town.

Pastor Frank Hall, a Jamaican became the first ordained Adventist minister to set foot on the island of Grand Cayman in 1905. By the end of his tenure in 1909 a total of 20 persons were baptized and Sabbath Schools were established in George Town and East End.

Meanwhile, the seed for Adventism in Cayman Brac was sowed in the 1890’s when Torebo Lazzari a Caymanian seaman (known as Uncle Tebbie) was exposed to the church in Bonacca. Thus in 1929 16 candidates were baptized in Cayman Brac by Pastor H.P. Lawson of Jamaica who also organized the first church in the Creek, Cayman Brac.

The decade of the 1930’s was ushered in with Pastor I.G. Knight stationed in Grand Cayman at the helm of the work. Pastor Knight was successful in building three churches namely East End, George Town and Creek (Cayman Bac). The combined membership stood at 60 persons coupled with six Sabbath Schools at the end of his tenure in 1931.

Our Administration 

Dr. Livingston Smith

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Mrs. Mandy McGaw

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